A World of Craft by Afroart Sweden

A Swedish 100% Fairtrade design led company which was started as a charitable foundation in 1967. The original idea still remains the same - to use design as a tool to develop and market traditional crafts and thereby help to create jobs in the regions where craft is currently the main source of income. This gives unique traditions of crafts a possibility to survive whilst  Afroarts' clients access to the ocean of the world's craftsmanship.  Frequently featured in Swedish press and with a high profile stockist base in Sweden and Europe, the business is now owned by 6 designers who were educated at Stockholm University "Faculty of Art and Design".  Afroart have retail outlets in Stockholm and Göteborg and also a very successful wholesale business in Scandinavia. The collections include wonderful striped cushions, block print textiles, storage baskets, tabletop accessories, Lokta paper accessories, lamps, rugs as well as a gorgeous childrens collection.  A large part of the collection is developed in house by Afroart Studio, the company's own design team and then produced in Fairtrade projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, either directly with the artisans or through Fair Trade organisations.   Where ever the production takes place, Afroart’s original ethos still remains the same – to support, develop and spread awareness of Developing World Crafts. This special heritage coupled with the very best of Swedish design offers a unique retail proposition.